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RING THE BELL!! on the collection box for the troops when you put money in the box to inspire others to give.  We want to thank all the members that have been putting a dollar in the collection box each time they come in the club.  The collection box is located near the juke box.  100% of all donations go to a service person from Michigan!!

Gary McDonald is the chairperson for troop mailing but Kip Vander Werp will be the contact regarding Troop Mailings.  If you need to contact or know of someone or a contact that needs contact Kip, they can email him at: or send a letter to the club addressed to the “Troops”.  You can also put an envelope in the Newsletter Box (in the Club side, near the front door).

We wish to thank you for your support and help on the troop mailings.

Gary McDonald, Mike Fischer and Kip


If you know of a person from West Michigan in the War Zone, please complete the following information:


Military Name:__________________________


Address _____________________________________________________




Your Name and email address (this is to contact you to make sure the person is still in the war zone and the address is correct for the next mailing)


Person submitting the name:




Email __________________________and phone number_____________________


Note: Your information is private and not given out to others.

If you have an address of someone on the ground in the war zone, please send name and mailing address to Kip at the club.  When giving the persons name and mailing address, we also need your name and phone number.  The reason is that we will be mailing more packages in the future and will check with you first to make sure that the person is still at the same address.  If you have given us a name to send a package in the past, please resubmit that address or their new address in the war zone.  One problem we had was that packages were mailed to our military personnel and were returned because they were no longer at that address.  It cost $14.00 to mail the package that never was delivered and we were out the mailing costs.

We also need items to send.  They can be dropped off at the club and given to the bartender.

Items we CAN send to our troops from Western Michigan:

*Prepaid International Phone Cards
*Individual used or new CDs or DVDs
*Household Batteries AAA
*Packets of powdered cold beverages (Kool-aid/Country time)
*Individual packets of NON-ALCOHOL moist hand sanitizer (towlettes)
*Travel sized containers of foot Powder
*Individual packets of beef jerky
Ready to eat tuna, chicken salad kits
Long white cotton socks
Tic Tacs or Altoids
Ramen Noodles (in a cup)
Crossword and Soduko Puzzle Books
Commercially sealed hygiene products (lip balm, roll-on deodorant, toothpaste, disposable toothbrushes, razors, etc.)
Commercially individual packed of Trail Mix, Power Bars, Dried Fruit, Granola Bars, Nuts, Candy,     *Snack items, Energy Bars, Sun Flowers seeds, candies (candy that will not melt)

* Information that we have of items that the troops that really want to receive.

Gary, Kip and Mike

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